Earth Community Trust


Welcome to the Earth Community Trust, a small charity committed to caring about people and planet.

Our purpose is to unite people and planet. We apply biodynamic and permaculture principles to our work. Permaculture and bio-dynamic principles aren’t just about how we grow plants, it’s about how we grow within ourselves and how we grow our ideas.

The Earth Community Trust applies holistic living principles in the furtherance of building an Earth Community through advancing the education of the public in the theory and practice of holistic living, including but not limited to the advancement of Earth Law, Restorative Justice, Earth Democracy, the People’s Process, Earth Walks and Earth Tours.

The funding of our charity works best when we value people, not projects. Thus we have set up our Voices for the Earth, a system whereby we support individuals who promote conservation, protection and improvement of the physical and natural environment in their own unique ways, applying their own unique talents. What unites us are our values. In this way we give maximum freedom for our Voices for the Earth to be creative from a space of care, love and trust, thereby creating resilience.



We support a number of people who are committed to uniting people and planet. Our Voices for the Earth include Polly Higgins, Dee Kyne, Simon Paul Sutton, Freya Lawton, Chris Salisbury, Debbie Hyde & David Durant. Voices for the Earth is our title for people who are out there advancing the Earth Community Trust’s Objects and Purpose. Here are some of the people we are supporting: