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Welcome to the Earth Community Trust, a small charity committed to caring about people and planet.

Our purpose is to unite people and planet. We apply biodynamic and permaculture principles to our work. Permaculture and bio-dynamic principles aren’t just about how we grow plants, it’s about how we grow within ourselves and how we grow our ideas.

The Earth Community Trust applies holistic living principles in the furtherance of building an Earth Community through advancing the education of the public in the theory and practice of holistic living, including but not limited to the advancement of Earth Law, Restorative Justice, Earth Democracy, the People’s Process, Earth Walks and Earth Tours.

The funding of our charity works best when we value people, not projects. Thus we have set up our Voices for the Earth, a system whereby we support individuals who promote conservation, protection and improvement of the physical and natural environment in their own unique ways, applying their own unique talents. What unites us are our values. In this way we give maximum freedom for our Voices for the Earth to be creative from a space of care, love and trust, thereby creating resilience.



We support a number of people who are committed to uniting people and planet. Our Voices for the Earth include Polly Higgins, Dee Kyne, Simon Paul Sutton, Freya Lawton, Debbie Hyde & David Durant. Voices for the Earth is our title for people who are out there advancing the Earth Community Trust’s Objects and Purpose. Here are some of the people we are supporting:

Polly Higgins

Polly has been a lawyer for the Earth for the past 10 years. Polly is a barrister, international lawyer and the leading expert on the law of Ecocide. She is considered to be the worlds expert on Ecocide law and Earth law. In 2013/14 Polly was the Honorary Arne Naess Professor and holder of the 2013/2014 Arne Naess Chair in Global Justice and the Environment at the Centre for Development and the Environment (SUM) at Oslo University. She has spearheaded the People’s Process (access to justice for communities faced with harm), is an advocate for Restorative Justice and has written 3 books, Eradicating Ecocide, Earth is our Business and I Dare You To Be Great. At the core of her work is the over-riding principle: ‘first do no harm.’

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Ecocide: the 5th Crime Against Peace TEDx Talk
Earth is our Business RSA talk and book launch
EARTHtalks: Polly Higgins


Dee Kyne

Dee Kyne

Dee Kyne has given up her job and started a movement for others to be part of so that they too demonstrate their passion for our Earth. Dee works from the principle ‘to lead by serving’. Dee has decided to walk the Earth to gather stories and signatures for Wish20 and the European Citizen’s Initiative. You can read more about her remarkable journey at

In her own words:

“The beginning of this movement started for me in June 2012 as I was sat listening to Louise from Eradicating Ecocide talk about our environment and planet. As a passionate environmentalist, gardener and beekeeper nature has always been in my heart. But on this day, sat in this wonderful conversation, I felt as if a bucket of cold water had been thrown over me! I sat and thought deeply about the generations who would follow me, about my four beautiful children and the extended children in my life and my many loved nephews and nieces. I started to consider what legacy I would be leaving: was what I was doing in my work making enough impact? Should I continue working, earning and getting wealth? Or do I hold a different kind of power that I can use to make a difference in a completely different way? I sat and looked at the power that I hold right now in my life; the connections, friends, colleagues I have built all over the world. I considered my health, my energy, my great job and the people of influence I know and love. I thought what can I do with all of this to help the paradigms shift.”


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Simon Paul Sutton


Simon Paul Sutton is an earth citizen on a charitable mission; through transparently sharing his story Burglar to Buddha from a life of crime to actor to earth citizen. He has embarked on a journey to empower and support teenagers and young adults to break open the invisible prisons of society by bringing into awareness the lies and dysfunctional programs we all uphold as truth, while inspiring them to fall in love with themselves and the planet. He uses transparent communication which he calls the language of love as the foundation of all he creates. Simon is a Voice for the Earth, fostering co-creative partnerships through his Conscious Media productions and transformational Simon on the sofa conversations. He also runs the online Earth Citizen training programme, a fun interactive immersion into the human experience.

Simon is seeking support to launch the Burglar to Buddha youth mission. If you would be interested in knowing more please get in touch. His further vision is to co-create an Earth Citizen Academy where all he teaches and more can be under one foundation. He is actively involved in and helps Permaculture Research Foundation Malta expand their vision of a new earth. You can watch Simon on the Sofa with Polly Higgins here and please do visit the Global Love Letters initiative. Simply profound.


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Freya Lawton


“Many years ago I learned of a prophecy shared by many indigenous cultures.  It told of a time of a great awakening of consciousness.  This and other realisations and teachings that followed, revealed how our thoughts and intentions are vital in creating our personal and collective reality.  This awareness has formed the basis of StillFlow, a way of being which encourages each of us to free ourselves, each other and the world we are co-creating from suffering and limitation. I now share the StillFlow way of being with groups and individuals and it has formed the foundation of a worldwide peace project – The Peace Intention.

I started the Peace Intention because I believe that a dream shared by billions of people must become a reality. Today our dream may seem naive but we can change that, we must change that.  After years of working with individuals and groups to help them change their lives I know that choosing to let go of limiting beliefs and taking responsibility for our emotional reactions can fundamentally change the reality we experience. By letting go of the idea that conflict and war are inevitable and choosing instead to make Peace the focus of our intention we are taking the vital first step.

Afterall, everything humanity has ever created began first as an intention.”

Freya Lawton has set up a social enterprise to carry her work forward and to develop a network of Peace Intention Ambassadors. She has written The Peace Intention Handbook – The StillFlow Way to Peace which she has made freely available online at


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Debbie Hyde & David Durant (Media For Good)

David & Debbie

Debbie and David write, produce and present It’s All Good Radio Show on a voluntary basis aimed at providing a platform for those who need a voice to reach new audiences. Through this show David and Debbie shine the spotlight on individuals, companies and organisations who are challenging the norm and are changing the way we live and work for the better.

Their  goal is to replicate the Its All Good Radio Show concept throughout the UK and support the creation of local platforms using media and the web to report, inform and educate on topics, initiatives and solutions which already exist but are not widely adopted because they are not talked about enough in the media. Through their work their wish is to connect these change-makers and create a collective voice for good to encourage others within each community to adopt new ways and thereby effect positive social change. Debbie and David believe that by utilising media in such a proactive way it is within our grasp to stimulate and nurture the growth of change for the better.

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