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Our Trustees

Jojo Mehta

Jojo Mehta is co-founder with Polly Higgins of environmental NGO Stop Ecocide International which concentrates on advocacy for an international crime of ecocide. She also co-founded with Polly the Stop Ecocide campaign, where supporters declare themselves Earth Protectors and gift to support the advocacy work. Education and awareness-raising focused on growing the global community of Earth Protectors is part of the Earth Protectors initiative of the Earth Community Trust.

Ian Lawrie, KC

HH Judge Ian Lawrie KC is the Honorary Recorder of Gloucester & Resident Judge. He was also the husband of Polly Higgins. Ian was in private practice as a barrister and Queen’s Counsel (appointed April 2011) for just under 30 years until appointed as a circuit judge in October 2015. Both from practice and his court sittings Ian has a broad knowledge of criminal law and a particular specialism in maritime and fisheries regulatory law.

George Vigileos

George Vigileos brings to the Trust a wealth of experience in environmental policy and planning, development economics and strategic skills, having worked as a researcher for the Countryside & Community Research Institute of the University of Gloucestershire, as a researcher on sustainable waste management, and lecturer at Northeastern University in Boston.

Andy Middleton

to follow


Polly Higgins

Polly Higgins founded the ECT in 2011 as a conduit charity so that others in the UK who are advancing the same purpose could benefit. Since Polly’s death in 2019, the ECT also supports the continuation of her life’s work towards a future for Earth and all its inhabitants based on a principle of “first do no harm”. Polly is the author of the award-winning book Eradicating Ecocide and was a lawyer, visionary and pioneer.