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Earth Care

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What we do: we promote awareness and understanding of the advancement of environmental protection and improvement for the benefit of the public. The Earth Community Trust’s objectives are governed by three guiding values: the sacredness of life, the unity of life and the love of life with the aim of helping communities reconnect with the Earth.  This we call Earth care. We specifically advance biodynamic and permaculture principles of holistic land stewardship. We promote awareness through a number of channels; such as through online media, hosting workshops and giving talks.

What we do not do: The Earth Community Trust does not advocate or lobby for changes in the law, and neither do we finance such lobbying or fund court cases that would breach our charitable duties.


Earth care

Earth care means putting in place systems which put people and planet first.  At a local level that is about creating community premised on a first do no harm principle. Both are about governance structures that ensure people care, Earth care and fair share.

Permaculture is a collaborative practice of designing solutions without causing damage to our ecosystems. Permaculture principles include: collaboration over competition, thoughtful action and response rather than reaction, valuing the marginal and designing from patterns to details – ideas that people across the globe can use simply wherever they are, and in whatever they’re doing. Permaculture is an intrinsic value system that applies holistically right across life.

Biodynamic principles prioritise life. For example, under biodynamic principles, waste becomes life when kitchen scraps are composted to keep the soil ‘alive’. In this way, the soil is alive and is kept in its most vital state by the build-up of stable humus through composting. This healthy, living soil provides food which has greater quality than that produced by chemical farming which has the emphasis on quantity.