Earth Community Trust

Funding Ethos

Our Funding ethos is simple – we gift our time and skills freely and to enable us to do so, we receive what we call Heart to Heart Funding. Heart to Heart Funding comes from the heart. We are seeking new ways of funding so that all our funding is in alignment with our core values. That makes our heart sing.

We call our smaller funders seed funders, our bigger funders freedom funders. Both seed funders and freedom funders help our Voices for the Earth.

Seed funders provide the essential nutrients. The essential nutrients provide for the basic and essential foundations of the Earth Community Trust as a whole, such as keeping website and newsletter updated, accountancy fees and ad-hoc help. You can read more about being a seed funder here.

Freedom funders provide the lifesource. Larger funds (usually over £500) enable our Voices for the Earth to operate freely. You can read more about being a freedom funder here.

Your funds are a vital and much appreciated lifeline for our Voices for the Earth. Currently we have the following Voices for the Earth; Dee Kyne, Simon Paul Sutton, Freya Lawton, Jamie Colston, Chris Salisbury, Debbie Hyde & David Durant.


How does it work for the Earth Community Trust?

Very simply. We are a holding space for a number of UK based individuals who are aligned with our values to operate under the umbrella of our Charity. As a Charity, we do not apply for funds from other trusts. We do however make available our Charity as a Conduit Charity for individuals in the UK who are committed to being Voices for the Earth. This allows our Voices for the Earth to receive funds from grant making bodies or individuals who require the individual to have charitable status.

Current freedom funders include the 4M’s, the Rainmaker Foundation, Julian Barnard of Healing Herbs Ltd, JamToday, Pete Yeo, Po-Zu, The Star and Mr Sunshine.


Why we have set up our Charity in this way

To support people as Voices for the Earth. The Earth Community Trust (UK Registered Charity Commission number 1143660) connects your freedom funds with our Voices for the Earth. In the US, any tax-deductible donations can be made via our US 501(c)(3) Fiscal Sponsor, the Iris Arts and Education Group.


See our Funding Options page to decide what payment route is best for you. Please note, for freedom funders: make sure you give the name of the Voice(s) as your reference when gifting funds so that we know where they are to go.