Earth Community Trust

Seed Funders

Seed Funders provide the essential nutrients. The essential nutrients are the basic and essential back-up for the Voices for the Earth.  Each seed funder that gives to the Earth Community Trust helps ensure there is a bedrock of support for our Voices to move forward with their unique way of being and doing. In this way, our Voices for the Earth are given maximum freedom to be creative in whichever way is best for them, from a place of love.

Your seed funding ensures our websites are kept in place, updated and changed when necessary; that our bills can be paid, such as for our accountant, and for all the over-heads we have for setting up banking and online facilities.

We greatly value those who help with the seed funds as they are invaluable. Without your help, none of the Voices for the Earth would be able to access the facilities that are put in place for their use. Even very small seed fund helps enormously.


To fund the Earth Community Trust as a seed funder see our Funding Options page to decide what way is best for you.