Earth Community Trust

Hoffman Institute

The Hoffman Institute runs the Hoffman Process, a seven-day residential course that helps you discover who you really are, freeing you to make conscious choices that will improve your relationships with the people around you. During the Process you will be taught tools and techniques to help you change the old behavioural patterns that are preventing you from feeling fully alive.


The Hoffman Process has been established for 50 years, in 14 countries, and has benefited nearly 100,000 people from all walks of life. It’s up to you: the Hoffman Process is intensive, transformational work experienced in a small group setting. Because it requires a commitment to lasting change, we recommend you only do the course if and when you’re ready. Hoffman’s friendly enrolment team are on hand to help you to decide whether the Process is right for you at this time in your life. You can read more here.

Why ECT has partnered with Hoffman.

At ECT we believe in people care; the journey to uniting people and planet begins with the self. Teaming up with Hoffman so that anyone who has experienced the Hoffman Process can gift funds to the Hoffman Institute UK, is a natural fit with our values and purpose. If you have been a recipient of the Hoffman Process and would like to gift funds to the Hoffman Institute UK you can do so here.