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Freya Lawton


Many years ago I learned of a prophecy shared by many indigenous cultures. It told of a time of a great awakening of consciousness. This and other realisations and teachings that followed, revealed how our thoughts and intentions are vital in creating our personal and collective reality. This awareness has formed the basis of StillFlow, a way of being which encourages each of us to free ourselves, each other and the world we are co-creating from suffering and limitation. I now share the StillFlow way of being with groups and individuals and it has formed the foundation of a worldwide peace project – The Peace Intention.

I started the Peace Intention because I believe that a dream shared by billions of people must become a reality. Today our dream may seem naive but we can change that, we must change that. After years of working with individuals and groups to help them change their lives I know that choosing to let go of limiting beliefs and taking responsibility for our emotional reactions can fundamentally change the reality we experience. By letting go of the idea that conflict and war are inevitable and choosing instead to make Peace the focus of our intention we are taking the vital first step.

Afterall, everything humanity has ever created began first as an intention.

Freya Lawton has set up a social enterprise to carry her work forward and to develop a network of Peace Intention Ambassadors. She has written The Peace Intention Handbook – The StillFlow Way to Peace which she has made freely available online at


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