Earth Community Trust

Earth Care, People Care & Future Care

For us, Earth Care means caring for our Earth community – human and non-human. All life-forms have their intrinsic value – and are part of the interconnected web of life.

People Care is how we self-care and care for our community; and how we uphold our individual and collective responsibility to ourselves and each other.

Future Care is our legacy – how we choose to contribute in our lives, not only for ourselves and the Earth, but also set in place the waves that last long after we have gone.


Our Purpose

To unite people and planet

Our Charitable Objects

  1. To promote the conservation, protection and improvement of the physical and natural environment with particular reference to permaculture, bio-dynamics and with a view to helping people connect with nature ; and
  2. To advance the education of the public in the theory and practice of holistic living. Holistic living means a way of living that recognises human beings as a part of the greater whole.

In short, that means Earth care and people care. Biodynamic and permaculture principles of holistic stewardship greatly inform our thinking and our approach.

Our Guiding Values

We have three guiding values that underpin all we do, which can be summarised as

  • the sacredness of life,
  • the unity of life, and
  • the love of life.