Earth Community Trust

Funding Ethos

Our Funding ethos is simple

We at the Earth Community Trust believe that by inviting in a funding model that puts at the heart the values we care about most, we will attract in funders that open their hearts to a new way of funding, what we call Heart to Heart Funding, which will best help our Voices for the Earth and Partners flourish.

Heart to Heart Funding comes from the heart

We call our smaller Heart to Heart funders our seed funders; bigger funds come from freedom funders.

That makes our heart sing


How does it work?

Very simply. We provide for a number of UK based individuals and organisations, who are aligned with our values, to operate under the umbrella of our charity. As a charity, we do not apply for funds from other trusts. We do however make available our charity as a conduit charity which allows our Voices and Partners to receive funds from or individuals or grant making bodies who require charitable status. All we retain is a tithe fee – normally between 5% and 10%.

Current freedom funders include the 4M’s, the Rainmaker Foundation, Julian Barnard of Healing Herbs Ltd, JamToday, Pete Yeo, Po-Zu, The Star and Mr Sunshine.


If you would like to gift Heart to Heart funds, see our Funding Options page to decide what payment route is best for you. Please note, for freedom funders: make sure you give the name of the Voice or Partner you wish to support as your reference when gifting funds so that we know where they are to go.