Earth Community Trust

Freedom Funders

The gift of freedom funds

Freedom funders provide larger funds specifically to assist their named Voice or Partner. Our freedom funders enable their named Voice or Partner to freely move forward. Freedom funding is funding that does not stay in the Earth Community Trust pot (save for the 10% tithe) – it goes straight to the Voice or Partner that you choose to support.


How much can I gift as a freedom funder?

As much as makes your heart sing. Please note: any funds under a £500 are usually treated as seed funds and retained by ECT; processing smaller amounts is not cost-effective.

When you fund as a freedom funder, please make sure you use the name of the Voice or Partner you wish your funds to go to as your reference.


How is this funding model different from other charity models?

What we are doing is flipping the charity model that focuses on a) a ‘project’ and b) funding that has many restrictions. We have set up a system where our Voices and Partners have been accepted on the basis of their values. (If you are thinking of becoming a Voice or a Partner, you can find out how to apply here).  We at the Earth Community Trust believe that by inviting in a funding model that puts at the heart the values we care about most, we will attract in the funders that open their hearts to a new way of funding, what we call Heart to Heart Funding, which will best help our Voices for the Earth and Partners flourish.


To fund any of our Voices for the Earth or Partners, see our Funding Options page to decide what way is best for you.