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Chris Salisbury

Chris and Owl

Chris is an intercessor, a fire-starter and a not-so-secret agent for Gaia….he is someone who aspires to inspirational leadership whilst bearing an open but broken heart….He is an ambassador for nature in a great variety of ways and he’s a village-builder, dedicating his professional life to brokering an affinity between people and the natural world. He has glimpsed the possibilities for experiencing Eden on Earth, and he is a stand for everyone to have that connection.

Chris’s love of nature has determined his professional life, and his personal lifestyle. He has been a ‘voice for the Earth’ for the last 23 years.

His WildWise project delivers 75-100 nature connection events or experiences every year, offering training for professionals to develop their practice and offering mentoring programmes for young men, young women and training to 26 adults per year who wish to become mentors for others in this field.

Chris founded WildWise, an outdoor education and training company in 1999 after many years working as an education officer for Devon Wildlife Trust. With a professional background in the theatre, a qualification in dramatherapy and a career in environmental education he uses every creative means at his disposal to encourage people to enjoy and value the natural world on courses he facilitates in the UK and abroad. He is a course facilitator at Schumacher College, Devon, where he also directs the Call of the Wild Foundation year-programme in Education Outdoors.

Chris has had a 20-year love affair with traditional storytelling and is a professional storyteller (aka ‘Spindle Wayfarer’). He is the founder and Artistic Director for the Westcountry Storytelling Festival, which has been delighting audiences since 2002.

He is a staff member for the International Schools Theatre Association and teaches ensemble theatre in schools around the world. He is also on faculty for the Amani Institute as facilitator for a social innovation programme.

Chris has 3 daughters, a dog called Dexter, and lives very happily on the edge of the forest in Dartington, Devon with his beloved wife and family.

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