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Dee Kyne

Dee Kyne

Dee Kyne has given up her job and started a movement for others to be part of so that they too demonstrate their passion for our Earth. Dee works from the principle ‘to lead by serving’. Dee has decided to walk the Earth to gather stories and signatures for Wish20 and the European Citizen’s Initiative. You can read more about her remarkable journey at

In her own words

The beginning of this movement started for me in June 2012 as I was sat listening to Louise from Eradicating Ecocide talk about our environment and planet. As a passionate environmentalist, gardener and beekeeper nature has always been in my heart. But on this day, sat in this wonderful conversation, I felt as if a bucket of cold water had been thrown over me! I sat and thought deeply about the generations who would follow me, about my four beautiful children and the extended children in my life and my many loved nephews and nieces. I started to consider what legacy I would be leaving: was what I was doing in my work making enough impact? Should I continue working, earning and getting wealth? Or do I hold a different kind of power that I can use to make a difference in a completely different way? I sat and looked at the power that I hold right now in my life; the connections, friends, colleagues I have built all over the world. I considered my health, my energy, my great job and the people of influence I know and love. I thought what can I do with all of this to help the paradigms shift.


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