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Jamie Colston







Jamie’s passion is connecting children, young people and those that support them, to themselves, each other, our planetary home, Earth and all life on her. Jamie designs and facilitates experiences that inspire children, young people and those that support them, to love and care for all life by inviting them to discover and deeply appreciate themselves, each other and Planet Earth.

Jamie has co-designed and facilitates a six-month programme working with 15-21 year olds to help them grow into happy and healthy adults. This work involves working with organisations that support young people on a systemic level, integrating well-being and releationship practises into their organisations.

Currently Jamie is hosting a conversation on how we co-create and develop the next generation of leaders? He is interested in this from the perspective of co-creating journeys for 13-28 year olds where young people can enter from any angle: Social Justice, Environment, Personal/systemic trauma and end up in a place where they see that the personal, human systemic, all living beings and planetary systemic are all interconnected and that with a new set of skills we can together create a new, global movement of leadership that resides outside of the current model of doing things.

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