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Simon Paul Sutton

Simon Paul Sutton

Simon Paul Sutton is an earth citizen / ambassador of love on a charitable mission; through transparently sharing his story Burglar to Buddha from a life of crime to actor to earth citizen. He has embarked on a journey to empower and support teenagers and adults to break open the invisible prisons of society by bringing into awareness the lies and dysfunctional past programs we all uphold as truth, while inspiring those he meets to fall in love with themselves and the planet. He uses “transparent communication” as one of his main tools; which he calls the language of love. Simon is a Voice for the Earth, fostering co-creative partnerships through his transformational Simon on the Sofa conversations. He currently co-hosts a 7 day immersion retreat named NAKED The Retreat; During which he invites those who attend to strip away all that isn’t serving them, heal their own inner ecocides so they can liberate out of fear and into love; and from this place they too become earth citizens living their wildest dreams while contributing to the evolution of humanity.

Simon is author of Burglar to Buddha launching early 2017. This book will translate into a documentary, film and one man show touring the globe awakening and empowering others to take full responsibility of their lives and be part of co-writing the real story of our times; the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.

He is also involved in and supports “Permaculture Research Foundation” in Malta to expand their global vision of a new earth. You can watch Simon on the Sofa talks here.

You can support Simon by becoming a patron of his work though his Patreon page.


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