Earth Community Trust


Welcome to the Earth Community Trust, a small UK based charity committed to caring about people, the Earth, and our joint future.

Although we may be small, our purpose is nonetheless big: to unite people and planet.


We do this by promoting the conservation, protection and improvement of the physical and natural environment, and by advancing the education of the public in the theory and practice of holistic living. This includes the advancement of Earth Protector Communities, Earth Law, Earth Care, Earth Democracy, Earth Walks and Earth Tours. You can read more about our charitable purpose – Earth care, people care and future care – here.

Our Earth Protectors work supports:

  • growing the global movement of Earth Protector Communities (towns, cities, villages, universities, institutions, schools, businesses…).  Our pilot Earth Protector Town scheme is already evolving guidelines for a new way of approaching community and municipal life in line with a principle of “first do no harm” – in preparation for a world where serious damage to the Earth is no longer permitted

  • education and awareness-raising around Earth Protector Communities and the Stop Ecocide campaign for a legal duty of care for the Earth

  • information and advice for activists taking peaceful direct action to protect people and planet who wish to use the Conscientious Protector approach in a criminal court

Voices for the Earth and Earth Partners:

We also provide for a number of UK based individuals (Voices) and organisations (Partners), who are aligned with our values, to operate under the umbrella of our charity.  We make available our charity as a conduit charity which allows our Voices and Partners to receive funds from individuals or grant making bodies who require the recipient to hold charitable status.

Our Voices promote conservation, protection and improvement of the physical and natural environment (Earth care). We also assist organisations, our Partners, who are aligned and advance holistic living (people care).  Both care about our future – helping others and our Earth as we evolve. Please note, the ECT does not provide grants. What we offer is the benefit of the ECT as a conduit charity for our Voices and Partners’ funders.

Our current Voices are Dee Kyne, Simon Paul Sutton, Jamie Colston, Chris Salisbury, Debbie Hyde & David Durant – each of them in their own way bring their message of Earth care to the public, through a variety of means, platforms and creative expression including the making of videos, writing, interviewing, running a radio station, hosting workshops, giving talks, retreats and walks as well as public speaking. Our first ECT Partner is with The Hoffman Institute UK, who provide a personal development course called the Hoffman Process. Click the images below to find out more.